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COVID-19 UPdate 5/20/20

5/20/20 COVID-19 Update-Reopening Grooming Services

 Dear Spark the Bark Mobile Pet Grooming INC community,

As many already know, and to whom may not, Governor Baker announced Monday that the State is ready to enter Phase 1 of the Reopening Process!  As of May 25th, Pet Groomers will FINALLY be open and ready to pamper pets once again! 

    If the communities continue to follow the protocol advised by the CDC, this will be a beginning to a new start and a hopeful summer!  I know many have contacted me in regards to current, future and possible appointments for you pets. Please know that while I have yet responded to all, not a single voice goes without being heard. I have spent days thinking of how to correlate my schedule to see yourselves and your wonderful pets.  I actually have looked through older phones just to see old grooming pictures, goes to show, if you love what you do it's not work!  Well, for the most part ;-)

   While I am finally able to reopen, there are many other obstacles we still must still consider going forward.  For many, lack childcare options during this time have been difficult for many a families, my family included.  I have reluctantly become my son's "teacher" which has homed a portion of my weekly mornings....keeping in mind the importance of his schedule, the health of my father who is battling health issues (not COVID related) and lack of childcare, I have made the truly hardest choice to limit my days of driving distance as well as my working hours.... This will hopefully be just a short term revision and I hope I can do whatever is possible to accommodate during this process. 

 For Plymouth Area clients, your next upcoming appointments will be the next time I see you. Unless, we have already spoken in this regard, or if, I have the ability to come sooner.  In which case I will reach out via text or email!  I understand that many of you will not chose to wait, which is absolutely understandable. Your pet's deserve to be comfortable and I their needs come first, surely before my feelings! I am happy to also help anyone whom may be interested in using another groomer if that may be anyone's choice.  Whatever the road may be, lets make this a fresh start, positive and healthy vibes!

  I am more than happy to schedule for pet's next or missed appointments (due to COVID), but please keep in mind, it would be 4 or more weeks away as the past 6 weeks without work and a reduction of the usual weekly groom intake has been cut drastically.

 Falmouth/Upper Cape Clients- I also will not have the availability I once had to make trips to this area as often as I had prior. I hope to arrange for being in the Upper-Cape area Saturdays, however no specific day is actually set in stone (except for Mondays in Plymouth). Clients whom may not have a standing appointment, please contact me to plan a set schedule going forward to assure an appointment, keep in mind there is not immediate availability and appointments will be booked out a 3-4 week minimum unless contacted otherwise.

   Mid-Cape/Lower Cape- Being a live in Harwich/Chatham, I do have more flexibility in days/times, so please get in touch to book out throughout the remainder of the summer!

EVERYONE- Tuesdays and Wednesdays have yet to be set for a specific area, my plan for the time being will be to keep the van stationed in Harwich and offer drop-off grooming for those whom may need sooner service. I again want to do WHATEVER I can for YOU, and also, relieve my parents of childcare by being closer to my son to help in between grooms or if any emergencies!

*Planned grooming hours:


Monday- 10:30AM-2:30PM


Wednesday- 11AM-3PM



Saturday- 10AM-4PM

These hours are subject to change depending on health, stability of childcare or any unforeseeable causes.

I know this is a change for us all, but this is NOT a forever change. This is only a glitch in the road called life, lets kick into gear and cruise over this bump referred to as COVID-19!

I will be keeping everyone posted of any changes in schedule, CDC guidelines (if they may change), rules and regulations that may differ through this duration of recovery and regrowth.

   As of today (5/19/20), there has yet to be convincing evidence that domesticated pets have the ability to contract and pass the virus to/from humans beings. While anything in life is possible, the risk of contracting the virus from a pet is low. For anyone whom may question, or has any concerns please refer to the links I will provide on this matter and the contact numbers provided to assist with those answers. There is nothing wrong with a question or concern, our health and safety is first and foremost!

    I will be following a COVID-19 Pet Grooming checklist before/after every grooming service assuring a healthy/cleanly environment for each of your pets for their big day back in the van and going forward!  I will have this checklist on  within the van for anyone whom may be interested in the procedures.  You may also view this COVID-19 checklist on the reference to the COVID-19 INFO links I will provide in conclusion to this email.  These resources cover all requirements that need to be met for Pet Groomers to operate during this pandemic.  

   While I will do my part to provide everyone the safety they deserve, please do your part to provide the safety I deserve. If anyone should feel ill, or may have had close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, please let me know prior to service so we can explore other options.  I also will have to politely decline anyone whom may welcome me inside their homes or request I come inside for their pet.  While I enjoy my time with you all as well as your pets, I would rather be safe than sorry.  Clients with any health issues should also consider rescheduling for another date or requesting a family member aide in the exchange of your pet(s), again, better to be safe than sorry! Please remove any pet collars, seresto collars prior to services, your pet's leash wont be necessary either!  I will be using kennel slip leads for your pets, these will be disinfected after ever use as well!  

To provide a contact free transaction, please leave any checks/cash in a plastic bag for exchange or you are more than welcome to pay by invoice which will provide the option for Credit/Debit payment.  There will also be an option to save your card for future Grooming Payments as well!   

I also have been slowly working on a new Online Booking Site which will also include exciting new features!  The things we can do when we actually have the time to sit at home and do them! Who would have ever thought! ;-)  

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR UNDYING SUPPORT AND LOVE FOR MYSELF AND THIS COMPANY DURING THIS TIME!  As a small business owner, this has been a difficult challenge to overcome and still proves itself to be.  I am not worried, I am truly blessed to have all of you!  Thank you for taking your time to read this email and I hope to see everyone soon!


Allison Kendall

Spark the Bark!

***COVID-19 Resources****


Rise and Shine! Pet Grooming is coming back!

*Update* 4/7/2020

COVID-19 Virus Update

 To my Spark Clients, I hope all is well with yourselves, family and wonderful pets! We continue to stay healthy in my household and are thankful to say so! Given the Governor's latest statement to enforce a, "Shelter in Place Order" as of 3/24 at noon-, I know many question if I will remain grooming.... In Compliance to State Orders through the perspective date of May 4, 2020 (pending further determination) we at, Spark The Bark, have, and will, remain closed to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our Community.  This decision was not made lightly as I do know many pets depend on our services for their best health and well-being.  It is my hope to return to visit all of my wonderful clients soon and hopefully regain a normal schedule going forward.  Please email me with any questions/perspective grooming dates for May-June.  We will get through this and come out strong and healthy!  

Allison Kendall 

*SpARk* a START!

Hello All! Thank you for your interest in our Mobile Grooming experience!  We cater to you and your pet's needs on your time, at your home!  We provide each and every Dog and Cat with the same love and care as we would provide our own pets.  Our Sparkin' van is equipped with plumbing and electricity, so we request no additional hookups, allowing us to spend EXTRA time with your pet! All of our pet care products are biodegradable and harsh-chemical free, we offer a wide variety of product, catering to your pet's individual needs!

Our Typical service involves: Bath/Blow-dry, Brush/Comb-Out, Coat Conditioning Spritz, Nail Trim/File, Ear and Teeth Cleaning, with the ADDITIONAL option of an All-Over Hair-Trim or a Quick Cleanup Trim.  Prices for full service (including Hair-Cut) range from 79$ to 149$.  We price according to size, age and difficulty.  

Perspective Clients-


***Please keep in mind we are in the process of hiring additional staff members as our other Pet Groomer has recently left our Company to pursue her dream of being a full-time mom! That being said, we are NOT accepting new clientele unless upon referral by a current client.  Even so, there is no guaranteed availability as we do need to assure our current client base of appropriate time for their pets.****

New and Returning Client UPDATE 3/10/20

***Please keep in mind we are in the process of hiring additional staff members as our other Pet Groomer has recently left our Company to pursue her dream of being a full-time mom! That being said, we are NOT accepting new clientele unless upon referral by a current client.  Even so, there is no guaranteed availability as we do need to assure our current client base of appropriate time for their pets.****

***ALSO- Due to the needs of my young family I try to limit my hours to still play my most important role at home.  That being said our hours generally run Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri and Saturday from 9am with our last groom ending by 3:30pm.****

****PLEASE keep in mind that NO ONLINE BOOKING DATES are guaranteed! All date and times that a client chooses NEED to be verified by a team member prior to confirmation.  You will receive SMS updates on the Cell Number you provide as a followup and for future reminders!****  



Lion Cut to Puppy Cut, We are Only One Paw Away!


Quality Pet Care

Reliable and Trustworthy Professional Groomers

Reliable and Trustworthy Professional Groomers

Looking for a Professional Mobile Pet Grooming Service?

Call Spark the Bark!  We specialize in Mobile Cat Grooming and Dog Grooming Services in Cape Cod and Plymouth!!

At Spark The Bark, we treat your Cats and Dogs with the love and respect they deserve.  While also, providing your furry loved ones with a phenomenal grooming experience, leaving them pawing for more! As pet owners/lovers, both Deanna and Myself understand the importance of compassion, and the quality care, a pet parent would expect from a groomer.  We will treat, love and pamper your pet as if they were are own.  Pet parents are always welcomed to be included and present for the service , or to check in with your groomer and pet.  Don't stray, Mobile Dog Grooming Cape Cod, Plymouth MA Is only ONE PAW AWAY!

If they Mew...  WE specialize in Cat Services TOO!

   We service all of Cape Cod and areas of Plymouth, 6 days a week, 8:30-5:30, occasional Holidays. 


Reliable and Trustworthy Professional Groomers

Reliable and Trustworthy Professional Groomers

Reliable and Trustworthy Professional Groomers

      When you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide the attention and care that your pets can demand.  Let US help YOU with your pet, we welcome suggestions, pet parent visitors, and most importantly, any specific needs, and or care, your pet may need to add pep to their step!  

     Both Allison Kendall and Deanna Guarino have over 5 years experience working within the industry.  Prior to the opening of, Spark The Bark, both Alli and Deanna worked  for Zoomin Groomin' and Aussie Pet Mobile of Cape Cod.  With a passion for animals and the knowledge of the industry we have started our own journey, welcoming all new friends we meet along the way! 

    As both Professional Groomers, and Pet Lovers, we are committed to provide the BEST possible care and services to cats and dogs in need.   We understand many of your pets require special care, please never hesitate to note special requests.  We are MOBILE to meet both your pets needs as well as your own!


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Reliable and Trustworthy Professional Groomers

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your pet's happiness and care is our priority, and we strive to provide a service we would want our own pets to receive.  We aim to create and establish a bond with your pet, our priority is their comfort as well as the pet owner's.  We groom for a living and love for free. 

    At Spark The Bark, we understand your pet may have special grooming needs, we welcome all questions, and requests!  Within reason, of course!